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Posté le 23 juin 2020
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“A well-dressed man does not wear white socks”

Right or wrong, white socks are indisputably the rock bottom of men fashion in current trends.  Some consider them as in poor taste while others find them the new icon of uninhibited fashion. In my own vison, the vendetta against white socks is a deplorable bias that finds their origin in our society’s conformists.

In contemporary society, the weight and unilateral vision of fashionistas and influencers does not preclude white socks from the fashion trends.

Yes, few men wear white socks. Nonetheless, those who dare to break that rule are considered as at the fringes of the fashion sphere. Otherwise, they  cramp an elegant style.


Advocating white socks is taking the risk of disappointing those who have banned these accessories from their wardrobe. But, I also want to talk to those who made the chose to wear them that had made this fashion popular and growing in all layers of society.

But before any analysis, we should first understand the origin of white socks’ marginalization. In reflection I have identified tree reasons that  explain that problem.

The lack of originality

In Paris people always say, “If you want to look like a slob, wear white socks.”

The first rule in any fashion environment is to find and create originality in any way possible. Unfortunately, white socks push out that rule because they are the evidence of careless style, sartorial ignorance, and lacking fashion sense.

The central argument against white socks is that, they don’t have any value as fashion accessories. To answer this first contention, I suggest that those who wear white socks reply that; fashion is a question of style in which there are some exceptions.

They are dirt deliverers

It is pretty anecdotal to attribute this defect to white. White is a color that could be qualified as complex. However, I have to admit that, the color is easily soiled and will be difficult to clean. It means, wearing white socks requires having a rigorous hygiene practice.

Sportswear fashion

If it’s common to mock white socks fans, it would be abnormal to deny the contribution of those accessories in the rise of sportswear fashion. I even think that; the sportive look is a major advantage for the later in the face of the sharp criticism of which they are the target.

And if we break this taboo

Rules exist because they can be broken. In this current case, I’m personally a fan of wearing white socks because they bring simplicity and comfort. I’m not the only one to be seduced by those accessories. They seduce more and more men because they show good result and some very successful styles. Otherwise, white socks bring a particular style and an identity to their wearers.

How to wear white socks

Better choose your shoes

Be careful on the design and the color of your shoes. You can wear white socks with formal and sports shoes. Based on my own experience black formal shoes will be less negative than others colors. In the particular case of sneakers, the color doesn’t affect the final look. Nevertheless, I advise you to never mix white socks and loafers.

The size and fit of pants

These two elements could become critical if you don’t pay attention to them. Dark colored and cuffed pants are more adequate and attractive. Slim, skinny and straight cut are less problematic than mediumsize or oversize cuts.


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  1. Antonymous

    Very interesting
    The originality argument makes me smile a bit because, first off most don’t wear white socks because well no one does and it’s said to be incorrect or a fashion faux pas, like one only doesn’t paint his nails black because « males don’t do that », circular reasoning. Second off, wearing black socks or socks matching the shoe isn’t any bit more original, not that I think it doesn’t look nice or cool.
    The argument is rarely about originality, but you probably mean the origin of the bashing of white socks, which got lost in time.
    I often hear « they don’t match anything » or more rarely that it makes you look softer.

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