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Posté le 1 février 2017

French dandies are to float to move with grace in a world that largely moves with jerks and violent motions of emotion and physicality. A man or woman need not be concerned with how beautiful they look, as long as they feel confident in the way they are presenting themselves to the world.

Dandy is to speak well, to think before you utter a word, and to make sure you study the world of language and most importantly: Observation. A dandy man is one who watches, he is snob like each Parisian, he takes the small pieces of everyone’s motions and words around him and incorporates what he likes into the edges of his own personality.


A dandy man is unique, but only because he swallows the world whole, and is not afraid to taste the more undesirable underbelly of society. A man without fear is a man that others will want to gravitate to. In short, to be ‘dandy’, you must seek out the ugly and the beautiful in your travels and work, and then define the parts you love the most, or are intrigued by, and then incorporate those tastes into what you wear, how you groom yourself, and the words and thoughts that pass through your head. Our world, as men, is what we make of it.


We choose ultimately what we desire to represent, and as a mirror does, what we reflect outwards will be ultimately what we see around us.

A dandy man can pull off wearing a tie to go make copies for a memo for work, and that is it, the most boring errand becomes one where you still want to look smart.

He also seeks the following characteristics and attributes:

  • Facial hair and long hair is not something to fear, and a little wildness to go with the class is a good thing.
  • He keeps fit, but no one has ever seen this man in gym shorts.
  • He does not use a microwave. Microwaves are not dandy.
  • As a grown man he can handle laundry and is on point with an iron, and uses it regularly.
  • Dandy men write letters, they keep it old school and still know they receiving mail is still one of the best feelings. Not an e-mail.
  • Dandy men have coats and shoes that match, for all seasons. Nothing crazily priced but enough to live in any city in the world and look great no matter the surroundings.
  • Watches and classic cars are sexy. A dandy man knows this and seeks them out.
  • Confidence beats any outfit. A dandy man puts this on first.



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